Category: Maintenance

The True Cost of Neglecting Maintenance

It’s well documented that equipment is getting more complicated, in an effort to help engineers achieve more, with fewer assets, so it is more important than ever to maintain the equipment properly, and sticking to a manufacturers maintenance schedule will undoubtedly extend an assets lifecycle. It is also a fact that the national average cost …

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Sell Your Old Inverters, Soft Starts and Motors to Quantum

At Quantum, we believe that recycling is an important element in helping the environment; instead of disposing of old equipment at a cost, we will purchase it from you. Old, unwanted Soft Starts, drives and motors clogging up storage space can have a drain on your production budget. Selling your ageing and redundant stock is …

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Aiming For Zero Downtime

Few things can damage the financial stability of a manufacturing facility more than unexpected downtime. On average, manufacturers suffer with 30% or more downtime during their scheduled production time. In some industries, such as automotive assembly, downtime can cost up to £17,000 per minute (a mind-blowing £1 million an hour). Some unplanned downtime may be …

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