How to Specify your Control Panel

Quantum Controls’ 11,000 sq ft premises offers an ideal base for manufacturing control panels of any size to exact specification and requirements within agreed timescales.

We provide a bespoke, personal and quality service with experienced engineers, sales and service departments – along with fully qualified panel wiremen to ensure the highest standards and level of expertise in design, manufacture and installation of equipment. This is then backed up by our 24/7 call out service to ensure that critical parts are always available.


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7 Essential Steps to Control Panel Design

The starting point is for you to give us a detailed functionality spec of what you want – what the application is and its specification, and an idea of what you’re trying to control, and what you want it to achieve.

We aim to make everything as easy and efficient as possible for you, and so we also ask you whether there are any specific brands or types of components that you’d prefer us to use.

This ensures if your operators or engineers are more familiar with a particular brand of PLC or Variable Speed Drive for example, then manufacturing the control panel with those components reduces the learning curve for them, and makes maintenance and servicing much easier and much more cost effective.

After we’ve received your detailed specs we issue you with a firm price for the project. This will be the final price; there will be no hidden costs and no additional extras. Once the price is agreed we then wait confirmation from you to proceed.

We now prepare the CAD schematic drawings for both the panel layout and the electrical circuit of the panel. Once these are complete they are sent to you, the client for full approval. Manufacturing can only commence once we have the written agreement. This ensures all parties fully understand what the final product will look like and how it will work.

Next we manufacture the control panel. Quantum Controls have full ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHAS 18001, A.S.T.A Certified Bus bars and BSEN 600439.1 accreditation. All our panels are manufactured and tested using these manufacturing standards

Once manufactured you, the client, are invited up to our manufacturing facility for a Factory Acceptance Test. The testing includes functionality testing, where we simulate the operation of the machine that the panel is being built for, and make sure that operates correctly.

We test the panel as thoroughly as we can at this point to your complete satisfaction. If you, the client, decides upon any modifications it is at this point they can be agreed and carried out.

Once that testing is completed to your complete satisfaction we deliver the control panel to your site. We can then offer full installation and commissioning services.

We then perform a series of additional functionality tests on-site to make sure that the panel operates correctly in-situ.

Although we perform many other tests prior to this, it isn’t until the panel is integrated into the machine that you can really test its performance and operation.

Once the panel is installed, commissioned, and functioning correctly with the rest of your machine, you, the client sign the project off as completed

We then work with you through a handover period, which will include training and operator training if required.

All of our control panels are built to current standards and regulations, and come with a 12 months warranty on parts which can be extended by prior agreement. All control panels are certified to the latest BSEN61439 standard.

Working closely with the client and understanding their requirements, followed by 100% visual and electrical simulation test, ensures that the equipment which arrives on site is exactly as the client envisaged and will operate the second it is switched on.

If you are looking for a company who can interpret and understand your requirements, if you want to deal with qualified engineers, not salespeople and you want a cradle to grave service for you control panel needs whatever the size and complexity of the product then Quantum are the right choice for you.

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Thanks to Amy and Sam for their assistance last week. It's always really appreciated to know Quantum are at the end of a phone when we need you all to get us back up and running.

David Gamble, July 2020

Great over the phone help with issues and immediate engineer to site response - great service.

Oliver Schooler, June 2020

Most helpful advice and technical expertise

Ken Barker, June 2020

Thank you to Eddie McKerr for his help, support and excellent response. Always an excellent service - well done to the team!

Mark Bowen, June 2020

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