Energy Saving

The Energy Cost Problem

Increases in energy costs for the UK Manufacturing Industry have increased to such a degree that it has become one of the major issues of our time. Recently one of our pharmaceutical clients suffered an eye watering 800% increase in its energy bills we are likely to see the energy cost burden driving a successful profitable business into a loss.

Electric motors are crucial to many commercial buildings and industrial processes, consuming a huge 65% of all electricity use across all UK manufacturing. Within Water Utilities this increases to 85% of all electricity being consumed. Additionally, to the financial strain it also creates significant environmental impact.

A Case Study Example

A UK based glass manufacturer contacted Quantum to ask us if we could help them reduce their soaring energy costs. We discussed our Try-Before-You-Buy scheme and agreed on a trial of their 250Kw Quench Fan, the largest motor application they had on site. The trial proved an exact energy saving of £114,903.00 would be achieved with installation of a new drive on the application.

The new drive supplied, installed, and fully commissioned price was £18,987.00 which would give a payback period of only 2 months.

Our client did not have the capital to invest up front in the new drive so Quantum offered the drive on a long-term lease with fixed rate of £450 per week, £23,400.00 per annum. Delivering a £91,587.00 per year saving to client with the added benefits.

  1. Zero pounds Initial Capital Outlay
  2. Guaranteed annual savings of £ 91,587.00
  3. Schneider VSD Hardware that is serviced annually for free
  4. Unlimited 24/7 tech support from fully qualified Drive Service Engineers
  5. Immediate engineer to site cover in case of Drive problems
  6. No asset value depreciation

Use our Energy Saving Calculator and find out how much money you could be saving!


Percent of Motor Speed Percent of Time at Motor Speed

* Please note this is an energy saving estimate, to accurately predict energy savings applications should be measured over a period of 2 weeks

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No Bull S**T, Just Energy Saving

The Unscrupulous Salesperson

Utilisation of Variable Speed Drives on motor applications can deliver huge savings for industry, but, for far too long unscrupulous VSD salespeople have been peddling myths and lies to you, the customers, to get that all important sale for themselves. These salespeople, the vast majority of whom are not engineers, and have no formal engineering qualifications, are happy to tell you that you will achieve vast savings if you buy their drive. They calculate these savings by using very basic energy saving calculators that make huge assumptions on the installed motors and the application details but fail to take many other crucial elements into consideration.

This is nonsense, there is no way to accurately predict the savings that can be achieved when utilising VSD control on your motors by using a calculator. To purchase a drive based on a salesperson, with no engineering qualifications, is commercial suicide when there is a clear motive for a product sale.

Energy Saving

How does it work?

The solution

Try before you buy lets customers try a variable speed drive on their application on their site without the need to commit to any up-front purchase.

Quantum Controls try-before-you-buy services are taking the UK manufacturing industry by storm, providing a real-time solution to the energy crisis that engineers like yourself are facing up and down the country right now.


Not only does Quantum’s unique try-before-you-buy scheme ensure you, the client knows the absolute Facts, not Fiction, about the savings you will achieve to the exact penny when using variable speed drives on your motor applications. It also gives you the flexibility and convenience to prove savings then decide if an outright purchase or long-term lease is the best option for your company. Since the onset of the Energy Price Crisis, we have seen 74% of our try-before-you-buy clients go with the long-term lease option rather than the outright purchase. With many clients now having dozens of drives on up to 3-year lease agreements with Quantum which, in effect, is free as it delivers huge energy savings with the lease costs only representing on average 20% of the actual saving achieved.

So, you could say this option delivers unlimited energy saving for free. Sounds too good to be true, but we Guarantee it isn’t and we have the history and data to prove it.

💡 PRO TIP: Cube Law is the relationship between a centrifugal pump or fan speed and its energy need is known as Cube Law. This means that a small increase in speed requires a lot more power, but also means that a modest speed reduction can give significant energy savings. All major brands of Variable Speed Drive will produce the desired savings due the cubed law effect, Quantum can supply your desired brand of VSD for new sale or lease.

Your Call to Action

Our ‘Try-Before-You-Buy’ energy assessment includes the whole chain, from data collection to temporary drive installation to full and detailed report issued to you with an accurate figure on how much you can save.

Contact us today for a free no obligation meeting to discuss potential motor applications that could deliver huge energy savings.

We currently have 2,500+ drives in out rental fleet from 5.5Kw to 4.5mW, but this scheme is generating huge interest so don’t delay we are dealing with enquiries on a first come first served basis.

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What our customers say

Thanks to Amy and Sam for their assistance last week. It's always really appreciated to know Quantum are at the end of a phone when we need you all to get us back up and running.

David Gamble, July 2020

Great over the phone help with issues and immediate engineer to site response - great service.

Oliver Schooler, June 2020

Most helpful advice and technical expertise

Ken Barker, June 2020

Thank you to Eddie McKerr for his help, support and excellent response. Always an excellent service - well done to the team!

Mark Bowen, June 2020

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