DC Drive Hire

In an AC dominated industrial electric market DC drives are often the forgotten workhorse on tough industrial applications, from steel turning mills to cement kilns, these arduous manufacturing applications require equally tough products.

Quantum Controls has a wide range of the ABB, DCS800 DC drive within our hire fleet, this tough and reliable product offers the reliability and performance you expect with the flexibility to meet the unique process requirements.

The DC drives are built within our unique weatherproof design, offering a versatile, mobile and easy to install and set up. The schematic design, whilst basic and simple allows you to integrate and adapt to within your own machine and processes.

The DCS800 DC drives are also a great solution to non-motor applications like battery charging and electrolysis. Our hire DC drives are backed by our 24/7/365 UK National service support and offers back up security for your DC drive install base.

Our hire fleet includes for:

  • Weatherproof DC control panels rated up to 400KW power
  • Single modular drives rated up to 400KW power
  • Built-in three phase field exciter
  • IEC 61131 programmable
  • Built-in Modbus with range of optional communication options
  • Built-in control for shared motion, double motor operation, field reversal and classic 12-pulse installations
  • Perfect for non-motor applications
  • Available 24/7/365
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