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Contract Features

Will Quantum handle any warranty issues I may have?

The Problem All Drive Manufacturers offer a global product warranty and a standard warranty for 37kW and below drives is

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Variable Speed Drive Applications

Probably the first question that should be asked is what type of application you are considering for a VSD. There

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What is A PWM Inverter?

Voltage source PWM inverter drives are the most common type of low voltage inverter drives that are currently in use. The

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Will it be illegal to buy EEF1, EEF2 or EEF 3 motors once the EU MEPS legislation commences?

The EU MEPS (European Minimum Energy Performance Standard) scheme sets mandatory minimum efficiency levels for electric motors introduced into the

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Did you know that 16% of motor failures are due to external factors?

Here are the reasons why: 1. Motor operating temperature The industry standard for LV motor insulation systems is class

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Power failure: What does a drive do when power dips?

Public electricity supplies are generally reliable, but they do suffer disturbances. Obviously a total loss of supply results in all

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What is maximum length of cable run allowed between variable speed drives and motors?

Long cables between the motor and the drive should generally be avoided, but sometimes lengthy cable runs are unavoidable. When

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What are the benefits for and against the use of Low Voltage Variable Speed Drives versus Medium Voltage Variable Speed Drives?

Very good question. It is actually dependant on application details but be wary of some manufacturers who will lead you

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Where can I compare IE2 vs IE3 motor running costs?

The below table will provide you with everything your need to compare IE2 motors versus IE3 pole Kw IE2 Efficiency

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When to use a Soft Start versus a Variable Speed Drive

A soft starter is, as you would expect, a device which ensures a soft starting of a motor. A Soft Start

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How can I change the speed of an ABB ACS800 drive?

Q. Our company uses an ABB drive (ACS800) and we need to start it in a variable speed that depends on

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Four-core cables – Why these should be avoided in drive installations?

Many installers prefer using four-core cable, as this is the traditional way for many installations and also because it provides

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Can I supply a Variable Speed Drive with a diesel generator supply?

Many essential processors have backup generators to ensure continued operation if the mains supply should fail. However, if variable speed drives are

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Which Panel Builders comply with IEC 61439 low voltage switchgear and control gear assemblies standard?

IEC 61439 is the International Electrotechnical Commission standard which covers low voltage switchgear and controlgear assemblies. The standard gives details on the requirements of these

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How to fix warning code A7AB on an ACH580

We provide 24/7 Technical Support to engineers, our dedicated Support line is available 8am – 5pm every day, manned by one

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Explaining the IP Ratings of Variable Speed Drives?

As you know at Quantum Controls we regularly post information from our clients who have asked us specific questions relating to

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Why Quantum Controls?

Quantum Controls are the UK’s leading supplier of Variable Speed Drives, Electric Motors & Support Services. During 2018 we formed new Service Partnerships with major Drive Suppliers in the UK and are the Official Drives Service Partner for Schneider, Danfoss, Vacon, Mitsubishi and Control Techniques Nidec, and have engineers fully trained on Siemens Drives.

We’re also proud to be the winner of the prestigious Corporate Excellence ‘Drives and Motor Supplier of the Year’ award for the last four years in a row.