What Are The Key Facts Every Engineer Should Know About Energy Saving?

Energy Saving is a huge topic in the industry, and for good reason!

Increases in energy costs for the UK Manufacturing Industry have increased to such a degree that it has become one of the major issues of our time. Recently one of our pharmaceutical clients suffered an eye-watering 800% increase in its energy bills. We are likely to see the energy cost burden driving a successful profitable business into a loss.

Many commercial buildings and industrial processes use electric motors, which consume about 65% of all electricity in the UK.

Within Water Utilities this increases to 85% of all electricity being consumed. In addition to, the financial strain, it also creates a significant environmental impact. With that being said, it’s imperative you, as an engineer know the facts about energy saving, so we’ve set out the basics for you below.

  • Maintaining your existing drives adds longevity for a fraction of the costs of a new drive.
  • Always replace older drives when spares are no longer available.
  • It’s better to take advice from a knowledgeable engineer rather than a salesperson when it comes to installing a Variable Speed Drive.
  • Every VSD Application is different, and many things can affect the actual savings achieved.
  • Energy monitors are the best solution to calculate energy savings.
  • MV applications can deliver huge energy AND the same as low voltage.
  • We prove the savings of applications before any capital investment. Our energy assessments make sure every drive in your plant is commissioned correctly.
  • There are massive saving potentials for MV VSD upgrades.
  • Energy will not be saved by simply putting a variable speed drive on every single Application.
  • The drive can save up to 40% on energy costs, give you a lot of control over the operation, and increase productivity.
  • Consider potential increased future repair costs when looking at synchronous motors.
  • A fan with reduced speed by changing pulley dimensions would have the same efficiency savings as the same speed reduction with a VSD.
  • All modern drives save energy.
  • The correct utilisation of a VSD represents one of the easiest and quickest returns on investments and operational advantages.

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