What Should I know About the Life Cycle Stages of my Variable Speed Drives?

Like any technological product, VSDs go through distinct life cycle stages, each with its own characteristics and implications for users. Understanding these stages is crucial for effectively managing, maintaining, and installing VSDs.  Knowing how VSDs progress through their life cycle will make sure you understand when you might need to take action to change your drives.  We’ve outlined the life-cycle stages of VSDs below:


  1. Active Stage:

During the active stage, VSDs are in full production and readily available for purchase.  This phase is characterised by robust support from manufacturers, with regular updates, technical assistance, and readily available spare parts.  Customers benefit from a wide range of options and can easily procure new units to meet their operational needs.  The ACS880 is currently in the active category.


  1. Classic Stage:

As VSDs mature, they transition into the classic stage.  While still fully functional and supported, certain models may become less prominent in manufacturer catalogues as newer technologies emerge.  However, spare parts and technical support remain widely accessible, allowing users to maintain and repair existing installations without significant difficulty.  The ACS800 is this stage until 2029.


  1. Limited Stage:

In the limited stage, manufacturers begin to phase out production of certain VSD models.  While these units are still supported, the availability of spare parts may become more restricted by most suppliers, and technical assistance could be less readily available.  Users may need to plan ahead and stock critical spare parts to ensure the continued operation of their VSD systems. The ACS600 is in this stage and ACS550 is until the end of 2024.


  1. Obsolete Stage:

The obsolete stage marks the end of active support for a particular VSD model.  Manufacturers cease production, and spare parts become increasingly scarce.  Users with obsolete VSDs may face challenges in sourcing replacement components and may need to explore alternative solutions or upgrade to newer models to maintain operational efficiency.  The ACS400 has been in the obsolete stage since early 2011.


As a trusted provider of VSD solutions, we understand the importance of supporting VSD systems throughout their life cycle.  With a commitment to reliability and customer satisfaction, we maintain a vast inventory of spare parts for various VSD models, to find out more information about our spares visit here.  By stocking critical components for example, power modules, control boards, fans and capacitors (just to name a few), we ensure that customers can access the parts they need to keep their VSD systems running smoothly.


In addition to spare parts, we offer comprehensive aftermarket services, including technical support, maintenance contracts, and training programs.  These services empower you to optimise the performance of your VSD installations and minimise the risk of unexpected downtime.  By partnering with us, you can navigate the life cycle stages of VSDs with confidence, knowing that reliable support is always available.  We are also available to help you identify any obsolete drives and planning a cost-effective way of dealing with any issues which may arise from these.


With proactive planning and support from trusted providers like Quantum Controls, users can maximise the reliability and longevity of their VSD systems, ensuring continued operational efficiency for years to come.  Contact us at any time for assistance with you drives [email protected]

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