How to correctly set up a VSD?

A Variable Speed Drive controls motor speed and torque by varying the motor input voltage and frequency. A very close match between motor speed and the output requirements of the machine it is driving may therefore be achieved.

Variable Speed Drives offer the user a number of advantages including:

  • Energy savings
  • Elimination of expensive mechanical drive components
  • Increased motor longevity
  • Reduced power line disturbances
  • Reduced risk of motor damage during start up and stop

But how to set up correctly a VSD? Control Techniques have a step to step guide on their website. If you have a Control Techniques drive, here is what they recommend:

Step By Step Guide!

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Why Quantum Controls?

Quantum Controls are the UK’s leading supplier of Variable Speed Drives & Support Services, and the UK’s largest ABB Motors Authorized Value Provider. During 2018 we formed new Service Partnerships with all major Drive Suppliers in the UK and are the Official Drives Service Partner for Schneider, Danfoss, Vacon, Mitsubishi and Control Techniques Nidec, and have engineers fully trained on Siemens Drives.

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