What is the realistic life expectancy of a modern Variable Speed Drive?

Even the most reliable industrial equipment can’t last forever. In the case of Variable Speed Drives, assuming a quality product from a recognised manufacturer, the main reason of the failure is the aging of electronic components, but environmental factors are also important. For example, a high ambient temperature, dirty atmosphere or high cyclical load can all take their toll.

The recommended service interval for a given drive for all major recognised manufacturers is 12 months, with the relevant Preventative Maintenance Kits being fitted at 3, 6, 9, 12 and so on at 3 year intervals. The kits contain all the genuine spare parts needed to service drives at planned intervals in order to extend their service lives and minimize any risk of product failure and downtime.

If we discuss ABB industrial drives, they are often used in arduous conditions, such as those in the metals, mining, cement, chemicals or oil and gas industries. With ABB’s Lifecycle Management programme implemented by qualified personnel such as Quantum Drive Engineers end users can fully expect their drives to give excellent operational service.

By combining the new preventive maintenance kits with an effective planned maintenance programme, users can plan and budget more easily, while getting the most out of their Variable Speed Drives for 12 years and more.

Of course, if no annual servicing is carried out and parts are not replaced periodically as per the manufacturers recommendations, then your drive will inevitably fail prematurely.

Preventive maintenance kits are available directly from Quantum Controls and can form part of a tailored service contract for you and your plant. Email us at [email protected] for more information.

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