How do I connect the power cables for an ABB ACS800 Drive?

1/2. If shielded cable is used (not required but recommended), use a separate PE cable
(1) or a cable with a grounding conductor
(2) if the conductivity of the input cable shield is < 50 % of the conductivity of the phase conductor.

Ground the other end of the input cable shield or PE conductor at the distribution board/cubicle/panel main earth.

3. 360 degrees grounding recommended if shielded cable

4. 360 degrees grounding required

5. Use a separate grounding cable if the conductivity of the cable shield is < 50 % of the conductivity of the phase conductor and there is no symmetrically constructed grounding conductor in the cable.

Note: If there is a symmetrically constructed grounding conductor in the motor cable in addition to the conductive shield, connect the grounding conductor to the grounding terminal at the drive and motor ends.
Do not use an asymmetrically constructed motor cable for motors > 30 kW (40 HP). Connecting its fourth conductor at the motor end increases bearing currents and causes extra wear.

Grounding of the motor cable shield at the motor end

For minimum radio frequency interference:
• Ground the cable shield 360 degrees at the lead-through of the motor terminal box
• or ground the cable by twisting the shield as follows: flattened width > 1/5 · length.

Conductor stripping lengths

Strip the conductor ends as follows to fit them inside the power cable connection terminals.

Wall installed units (European version) Power cable installation procedure

  1. Remove the front cover (in frame size R6 the lower front cover) by releasing the retaining clip with a screw driver and lifting the cover from the bottom outwards. For IP 55 units, see Mechanical installation / Mounting
    the drive on the wall.
  2. Slide the back plate of the connection box to the holes below the drive.
  3. Fasten the back plate to the drive frame with two screws / three screws in frame size R6.
  4. Cut adequate holes into the rubber grommets and slide the grommets onto the cables. Slide the cables through the holes of the bottom plate.
  5. Strip off the plastic sheath of the cable under the 3600 grounding clamp. Fasten the clamp onto the stripped part of the cable.
  6. Connect the twisted shield of the cable to the grounding terminal. Note: cable lugs are needed in frame sizes R2 and R3.
  7. Connect the phase conductors of the mains cable to the U1, V1 and W1 terminals and the phase conductors of the motor cable to the U2, V2 and W2 terminals.
  8. Fasten the bottom plate of the connection box with two screws to the already fastened back plate and slide
    the grommets into their place.
  9. Secure the cables outside the unit mechanically. Connect the control cables as described in section ‘Connecting the control cables’. Fasten the covers.

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