Wall Coverings

Energy efficiency is a topic that remains high on the agenda of many companies. Saving energy can save costs while at the same time helping to reduce emissions and the impact on the environment. It has been widely known for many years that the use of the correct drives can go a long way towards meeting these requirements.

Variable Speed Drives (VSDs] proved to be the solution for wallpaper manufacturer Fine Decor. Greg Roberts, chief engineer and energy manager for the company, wanted to save energy and reduce the company's carbon footprint, and had several areas of concern, one of which was a large fan used to extract heat from one of the production processes. This runs direct-on-line, has no speed control, and was extracting too much heat, resulting in wasted electricity and a need to use more gas to compensate for the heat reduction.

To find the solution, Roberts asked Quantum Controls to carry out a site survey. This logged energy use data and identified several applications where energy consumption could be reduced. Four ABB VSDs were then supplied on hire to show the possible savings. Roberts comments: "Quantum proposed a package of drives to me and showed the calculated savings and

payback we could expect. Based on the carbon dioxide it would be saving, the Carbon Trust offered a loan of £120,000, even though the capital cost was nowhere near this figure." For the permanent installations, Quantum installed nine ABB standard drives on six fan applications, saving over 9000kWhrs each week, and providing an energy cost saving of just over £27,000 a year, with a payback of eight months.

Fine Decor