Hire Drives from Quantum – Shore to Ship Power

Variable speed drives (VSD) are often referred to as electric motor controllers, with their sole purpose to control the mains frequency and hence speed of the motor to match the required process.

Indeed, this is probably the most popular application for a VSD and offers many other benefits than speed control, energy saving also been a major factor. However, VSDs are also referred to as inverter drives, or frequency converters and it is the benefit of being able to control both frequency and voltage output that also allows VSD units to offer a completely different application to motor speed control.

Quantum Controls have the largest range of hire VSD units in Europe, maybe even worldwide with ratings from single figure KW to our largest option at 4MW. These VSD units are supported within our hire fleet with a wide range of sines filters, mains transformers, containerised distribution systems and many more options both for control and power requirements. This allows us to offer the widest range of mains and frequency converter options for hire, both voltages and frequencies can be altered from the customers standard grid supply to suit their load requirements.

Recently Quantum were requested to supply an 800KW system at 3300V, 60Hz (varying) to allow load testing on a prototype machine they are developing. A system was designed and built within a 3-week period that allowed the client’s grid voltage to be adapted to the required 3300V, 60Hz (varying) with an overall power capacity of 1000KW. This was all supplied within our own bespoke 40ft containerised system with full HV / LV protection, allowing safe remote operation from the client’s own test bay using our multifunction interfacing control systems.
Furthermore, when the client’s requirements changed from 3300V to 6600V we were able to use the same system by simply changing the tapping on our multi voltage TX units, allowing an on-site adjustment with the minimum of interruption to their testing.

The client commented, ‘by using this system we have been able to use our own grid supply and have multiple power and control options, previously we have done such tests using diesel powered generators, multiple transformers and our own fixed speed starters, that alone meant the generators had to be oversized to accommodate the starting load with often 3 units over 1000KVA having to be synchronised together’.

Our grid / power converters have been used all around the world, many applications such as this and ‘Shore to Ship’ conversions have seen customers save thousands of pounds on expensive diesel alternatives.

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