Using Cutting Edge Technologies to Save our Framework Customer £500,000

Overcoming the £500,000 Barrier in Drive-to-Motor Cable Replacement at NWL’s Ovingham Site

The challenge stemmed from existing outdated Rockwell 3.3kV drives at NWL’s Ovingham site, posing reliability risks to the pumping station. Northumbrian Water’s Engineering team faced the challenge of replacing these drives whilst retaining the existing drive to motor cables and recognising the need for innovative solutions to increase security of supply to its customers.  Initially considering alternative drive suppliers. Initially considering alternative drive suppliers, it became evident that this would entail replacing all drive-to-motor cables, totalling 1.5 kilometres, exceeding £500k. However, recognising Schneider’s advanced technical capabilities, notably compatibility with existing cables, alongside other remarkable features, Quantum Controls transitioned from ABB to Schneider.


Ovingham Raw Water Pumping station, extracts up to 150 million litres of river water per day to a water treatment works supplying 800,000 people in Tyneside, necessitating reliable and efficient pumping operations.

Quantum’s Solution

In collaboration with Schneider Electric, Quantum Controls installed Schneider’s ATV6000 MV VSDs, challenging the preference for a particular drive manufacturer. Recognising that sticking with one manufacturer stifled innovation, Schneider’s standard drive, utilising existing power cables, resulted in £500k+ cost savings compared to the preferred drive.

Scope of Work

Assessment: Thorough evaluation of technical challenges.

Technical Solution: Identifying Schneider Electric’s ATV6000 MV VSDs as the standalone solution.

Design and Quotation: Tailored proposal outlining integration into NWL’s infrastructure.

Supply and Installation: Procuring equipment and managing installation.

Commissioning: Ensuring proper functioning and performance.

Support Contract: Providing a 20-year support contract for ongoing maintenance and assistance.


Quantum Controls’ diligence resulted in substantial savings for NWL, highlighting the importance of considering alternative drive types. Exploring technical and commercial aspects of various drive products unlocks significant benefits. This case study showcases Quantum Controls’ commitment to driving innovation in water infrastructure.

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