Quantum Drive Service Partnership Delivers

SIE Case Study 

SIE Industrial are a UK abrasive specialist with over 100 rental machines in their UK Fleet. Each rental machine has a variable speed drive fitted. The rental machines are supplied through the UK and need regular maintenance to ensure continuous failure free operation.

Prior to their Drives Service Partnership with Quantum, SIE experienced regular drive failures on their machines, this proved costly for both SIE and their customers in addition to negatively impacting their previously untarnished reputation.  Gareth Bowen, Managing Director felt there had to be a better way of improving efficiency and reliability to his customers;

“We decided to take out a Drives contract with Quantum. The contract means our drives are now maintained regularly, to manufacturers recommendations, this can be done anywhere in UK due to the national coverage Quantum provide. Our service partnership has reduced our year-on-year spending by 86%, I would recommend a Quantum Partnership to any organisation who use variable speed drives”

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