Quantum Provide Client with Lead Time of 4 Weeks as Opposed to 1 Year

We were approached by a manufacturer of hydrogen production systems based in Yorkshire. Their existing site electrical infrastructure didn’t allow for the test requirements of the units they build, these can vary from 3000 to 4000A Amps LV. The company required a solution for the ongoing testing until the infrastructure can be updated.

We designed, manufactured, installed, and commissioned a 400A containerised temporary distribution system within a 40ft shipping container. As our hires are flexible, this customer required the hire period on a long-term basis of two years. The new distribution system allowed for the conversion of the client’s grid 11KV supply to be supplied within the container, through a Schneider ring mains unit (RMU) and then into a 1500KVA, 11KV/415V step down mains TX, oil filled and type DYN11. This TX and RMU has its own enclosed HV segregated area which then feeds an LV distribution system through mobile distribution units (MDU). One MDU is rated to 4000A with ACB type protection, the secondary MDU is rated to 630A with outgoing supply breakers for various parts of the systems other power requirements. This allows for our client to run their full system, including for the inverter/converter for AC to DC conversion. Electrolysis is the process of using electricity to split water into hydrogen and oxygen. This reaction takes place in a unit called an electrolyser, our system allows for the power requirements of this and the power to complete the full FAT for their clients on each system manufactured.

Our client was so happy with this that they ordered a second identical system – which they again, hired from us.

To supply a new system like this would have cost our customer a huge £500,000 per system equating to £1,000,0000, which is a huge amount of capital most organisations won’t have available. In addition, each system would have a lead time of 10 -12 months. Our solution was built and installed within 4 weeks. This meant our customer could carry out the FAT tests for their customers in the required time.

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