Mitsubishi FR-D700

The D700 is ideal for a wide range of drive applications from simple fan and pump loads through to high torque mechanical processes giving worry free operation whatever the conditions.

It’s features and performance is a direct replacement and performance upgrade for Mitsubishi’s current S500 and E500 range of products. The power range extends to 2.2kW for single phase, and 7.5kW for 3 Phase operation.

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Product Description

Simple and safe operability, compact design as well as improved performance features were the focus during the development of the FR-D700-SC frequency inverter.

Improved functions and device properties such as simplified cabling thanks to spring clamps, the integrated Digital Dial with LED display, improved performance yield in the low-speed range as well as the integrated emergency stop function make the FR-D700-SC the standard in the ultra compact class.

The FR-D700-SC is especially advantageous for standard applications by virtue of its user- friendliness. It is the correct choice in both simple and more sophisticated applications. Typical applications are feeder and conveyor drives, machining tools or gate and door drives.

Drive Variants

Power(kW) Current (A) Dimensions (mm) IP Rating Part Number User Manual Data Sheet In Stock
0.1 0.8 68 x 128 x 80.5 IP20 FR-D720S-008SC-EC View View Enquire now
0.2 1.4 68 x 128 x 80.5 IP20 FR-D720S-014SC-EC View View Enquire now
0.4 2.5 68 x 128 x 142.5 IP20 FR-D720S-025SC-EC View View Enquire now
0.75 4.2 68 x 128 x 162.5 IP20 FR-D720S-042SC-EC View View Enquire now
1.5 7 108 x 128 x 155 IP20 FR-D720S-070SC-EC View View Enquire now
2.2 10 140 x 150 x 145 IP20 FR-D720S-100SC-EC View View Enquire now
0.4 1.2 108 x 128 x 129.5 IP20 FR-D740-012SC-EC View View Enquire now
0.75 2.2 108 x 128 x 129.5 IP20 FR-D740-022SC-EC View View Enquire now
1.5 3.6 108 x 128 x 135.5 IP20 FR-D740-036SC-EC View View Enquire now
2.2 5 108 x 128 x 155.5 IP20 FR-D740-050SC-EC View View Enquire now
3.7 8 108 x 128 x 165.5 IP20 FR-D740-080SC-EC View View Enquire now
5.5 12 220 x 150 x 155 IP20 FR-D740-120SC-EC View View Enquire now
7.5 16 220 x 150 x 155 IP20 FR-D740-160SC-EC View View Enquire now

About Mitsubishi Drives

Frequency inverter drives are a key component of Mitsubishi Electric’s factory automation systems. More than 30 years on and with over 28 million units sold worldwide, Mitsubishi Electric is still continually contributing innovations to variable-speed drive technology. The latest 64-bit RISC processors, advanced software models and the latest power electronics make today’s variable-speed drive solutions from Mitsubishi Electric both powerful and easy to use. Mitsubishi Electric delivers innovative, open, flexible and reliable drive solutions geared to the special needs of individual markets and customers.

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