Designed for unparalleled drive precision, speed control, simple startup, and versatility, Mitsubishi Electric has developed a new generation of drive technology: the remarkable FR-A800.

Some of the outstanding features are the integrated high level PLC, USB port for programming and parameter copying, an-easy to-read control panel, optimum power usage and energy saving functions, improved system safety, three expansion slots for a range of option and supported network card.

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Product Description

The FR-A800 Series is backwards compatible with the FR-A700 series. Parameters can be easily copied by FR Configurator2. In order to match the former machine response time, the input/output signals of the FR-A800 can be delayed.

The FR-A800 series has a two channel emergency stop for safe shutdown. This ensures safe operation in compliance with the European Machinery Directive without installation of another contactor. The FR-A800 thus conforms to the EN ISO13849-1/PLe cat. 3, EN 61508-1/-2/-3:2010(SIL3) and EN 61800-5-2 SIL3 standards.

Drive Variants

Power(kW) Current (A) Dimensions (mm) IP Rating Part Number User Manual Data Sheet In Stock
0.4 1.5 150 x 260 x 140 IP20 FR-A840-00023-E2-60 View View Enquire now
0.75 2.5 150 x 260 x 140 IP20 FR-A840-00038-E2-60 View View Enquire now
1.5 4 150 x 260 x 140 IP20 FR-A840-00052-E2-60 View View Enquire now
2.2 6 150 x 260 x 140 IP20 FR-A840-00083-E2-60 View View Enquire now
3.7 9 150 x 260 x 140 IP20 FR-A840-00126-E2-60 View View Enquire now
5.5 12 220 x 260 x 170 IP20 FR-A840-00170-E2-60 View View Enquire now
7.5 17 220 x 260 x 170 IP20 FR-A840-00250-E2-60 View View Enquire now
11 23 220 x 260 x 170 IP20 FR-A840-00310-E2-60 View View Enquire now
15 31 250 x 400 x 190 IP20 FR-A840-00380-E2-60 View View Enquire now
18.5 38 250 x 400 x 190 IP20 FR-A840-00470-E2-60 View View Enquire now
22 44 250 x 400 x 190 IP20 FR-A840-00620-E2-60 View View Enquire now
30 57 325 x 550 x 250 IP20 FR-A840-00770-E2-60 View View Enquire now

About Mitsubishi Drives

Frequency inverter drives are a key component of Mitsubishi Electric’s factory automation systems. More than 30 years on and with over 28 million units sold worldwide, Mitsubishi Electric is still continually contributing innovations to variable-speed drive technology. The latest 64-bit RISC processors, advanced software models and the latest power electronics make today’s variable-speed drive solutions from Mitsubishi Electric both powerful and easy to use. Mitsubishi Electric delivers innovative, open, flexible and reliable drive solutions geared to the special needs of individual markets and customers.

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