Your Industrial Emergency Service

You will be all too aware of how disastrous it can be when your site suffers a drive breakdown, this affects the bottom line of your business and your engineering department budget and in extreme cases threatens life itself.

So, what do you do when this happens to your site? Do you have a trustworthy partnership to get you back up and running? Our partners at Xylem Water Solutions called upon us when they needed our emergency services during the Whaley Bridge Disaster.

In August there was a recorded 94mm of rain that fell across the UK in the first couple of weeks, 5% higher than the average for the entire month! This caused the concrete slabs on the overflow spillway that keep the water contained to become dislodged from the sheer amount of water.

Due to the imminent risk of the Dam failing and severe flooding across the nearby villages, the residents of Whaley Bridge had to be evacuated from their homes as The Environment Agency issued a ‘danger to life’ warning.

To keep the reservoir from overflowing and prevent flooding in the nearby villages, the water levels needed to be lowered immediately.

Our engineers work 24/7 to support our customers, this meant we were on site within 4 hours of receiving the call with 5 of our weatherproof variable speed drives, fully installed and commissioned.

As our Rental Equipment is designed to be robust and weatherproof, it was the only equipment that could be sited in such a harsh environment.

Over the next couple of days, the reservoir levels were drawn down to a safe level, meaning residents were allowed back into their homes.

“The quick response by Quantum Controls to provide materials, labour and support at short notice was much appreciated and helped Xylem in what was a unique and high-profile project.” Says Nigel Kenton, Xylem Water Solutions.

Our unique rental and on-site services give you round the clock access to over 1500 Drives up to 2MW power rating ensuring a first-time fix for any drive failure. Our engineers can deliver and install a suitable temporary drive, in weatherproof enclosures to your site anywhere in UK within hours.

And its not just Weatherproof Variable Speed Drives in our Rental Fleet, we have expanded and added stock of:
• Mains cable
• Distribution boards
• Transformers step up or down options
• Flow meters
• Data loggers & harmonic surveys
• Mains Generators
• Power quality, harmonic mitigation and
Sine filters

To access our Variable Speed Drive Rental Fleet, any time, day or night, simply call us on 0330 9000 247!