Drives hired from Quantum prevent Northumbrian Water stopping digester Tanks

The container housing the equipment and running the pumps on Plant at Bran Sands

A solution was required to keep the digestion tanks on Northumbrian Water’s Advanced Anaerobic Digester plant running during the installation and commissioning of the new Motor Control Centre extension at Northumbrian water (NWL).

NWL needed to upgrade an MCC controlling the mixing of the digestion tanks at Bran Sands, to ensure the process is not disrupted and the tanks continue to produce gas for the CHP, Quantum Control provided three temporary 90kw VSDs, a temporary distribution board to feed the VSDs from a generator supply, a suitably sized generator, 375 meters of power cable and a purpose built ISO container to house all of the equipment on plant.

Ian Clark of NWL explains, ‘The digesters need to run 24/7 so in order for the MCC to be upgraded with a necessary extension NWL needed to find a solution that enabled them to continue mixing, this is further complicated by the fact that if the pumps run to fast the tanks begin to produce large amounts of foam. Quantum Controls supplied, installed a purpose-built temporary station that kept everything running with no changes to process’

Quantum Controls offer these unique variable speed drives hire service throughout the UK to end user and major Panel Builders to ensure that processes can be kept running on a temporary basis during the installation of new Motor Control Centres.

‘Being able to hire a complete turnkey solution from Quantum meant that production could be maintained for the installation period, we have now adopted this hire service from QC as our Standard Operating Procedure at Brands Sands’ says Ian.