Do you have a case study that shows energy savings when switching from DC to AC Motor Driven Systems?

Quantum Controls have delivered huge energy savings by replacing DC systems with AC variable speed drive and AC motor combinations on dozens of successful projects. In most cases, the efficiency of the AC motor and drive package compared to that of DC system results in savings of approximately 25% on average as well as maintenance costs reductions. See breif details of initial report we issued after monitoring DC systems then installing temporary AC systems to monitor the exact saving prior to our client having to place the order for the AC System, thus taking all the risk from the project

Site energy trial on 500KW extruder machine –

Introduction –

This machine was presently running on a 472KW, DC motor 1518RPM at 1104Amps full load current.

The DC motor output when monitored for KWH consumption was running the extruder at approximately 60RPM

Quantum fitted a new temporary AC Motor and Drive and carried out the same energy monitoring over 7 day period

The AC motor output when monitored for KWH consumption was running the extruder at approximately 85RPM For this trial application we supplied a 500KW, 2 pole motor with the output speed reduced via a timing belt with the motor side mounted to the main extruder shaft. For the permanent application we would recommend a 4 pole 1500RPM motor and if possible, mount this motor directly coupled to the extruder shaft as per the DC motor was installed.

Report summary

From this we can calculate as follows –

DC KWH per kg = 51322.6KWH ÷ 147734kg = 0.3473KWH

AC KWH per kg = 45050.6KWH ÷ 175056kg = 0.2573KWH

Savings per year based on 1.2 tonnes production per hour –

22 hours per day of operation = 22 x 108KWH = 2,376KWH saved

2,376KWH x £141.58 saved per day

350 days per year running = £49,553 saved per annum when replacing DC system with AC System

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