Instant Access to your own Drive Asset History

At any time, day or night, you will be able to log into our bespoke Customer Portal and Job Management System, using your own unique user-name and password. This Asset Management system will is available on your smartphone, tablet or PC, making it accessible anywhere.



The dashboard will give you access to the full maintenance history of each of your drive assets, progress of ongoing jobs which are open / scheduled and the status of any equipment on order. You can also retrieve copies of maintenance reports, job sheets and inspection certificates if needed.

Clicking into the jobs panel will display a list of all jobs which are either scheduled, in progress or completed. You can click into individual jobs to obtain further information, such as work reports, time on/off, parts used and invoice details. You can also retrieve and re-print copies of job sheets and inspection certificates and also any photos taken by engineers during the job.

Assets can be searched for using your own equipment numbers or by any part of the serial number.



You can see details of all assets that we look after for you, including warranty, service dates, specification, job history etc. Jobs can be logged in our system and you will instantly be provided with a job number which can be tracked through the system. Order numbers can be provided and attachments uploaded to assist engineer upon arrival. Specific assets can be selected from a list to go onto the job.

Electronic copies of job sheets and service inspection certificates can be automatically emailed to you upon completion of the job.

This is a completely unique service to Quantum Controls, you will not get this level of service any where else. We are confident this will greatly increase the efficiency and effectiveness of jobs for our Service Contract Customers, for ourselves and for them.

If you would like to know more about our Maintenance Contracts and other Support Services, get in touch at or give us a ring on 01661 835 566.