All your drive needs taken care of, for less than the price of a cup of coffee a day.

There are over 10,000,000 motors installed in the UK with over 50% of them controlled by variable speed drives, that percentage increase to a staggering 92% on critical drive applications.

Today’s modern drives have on average over 1000 different parameters that can bet set by the user to exactly match your process. Modern drives have 100 times more process power than Apollo 13 which took the brave American astronauts to the moon. 

Most drive are fairly easy to install for a qualified electrical engineer and a ‘basic’ set up will get your motor and application running . However unless the basic fundamentals of a correct installing, such as always running a separate earth cable and use 3 core SWA cable, then problems with noise and harmonics will happen.

With a ‘basic’ set up you will get the application running, you will have used no more than 10% of the programming features within the drive. Correctly setting up the drive to exactly match your application will ensure maximum performance of the process by delivering maximum efficiency thus ensuring the best pricing numbers, quality and running efficiency that the drive and motor can deliver.

Correctly servicing and maintaining your expensive assets to the manufacturer recommendations will ensure minimum downtime and maximum life cycle. With an hour’s lost production costing UK manufacturing companies an average of £12k an hour, a policy to run your variable speed drive assets to failure is planning to fail.

One of the truest quotes in engineering is ‘poor planning leads to poor performance’. Good engineers understand the need for maintenance and implementing appropriate schedules that are carried out by experts and competent people.

Of course not every company’s Maintenance budget allows the cost of a partnership with an expert company like Quantum, albeit one of our maintenance contract partnerships has a relatively low cost when you consider the alternative subsequent down time that will undoubtedly happen due to Drive failure.

Quantum Controls unique One Call Contract gives engineering managers with no maintenance budgets the peace of mind that in the event of a drive failure of any type, any size, anywhere in UK that one call day or night and they can access technical telephone support from our on expert drive engineers based throughout the UK.

Should our engineers not be able to provide a solution over the phone then we will attend your site, responding immediately to your onsite request. We guarantee a first site visit fix, by either bringing spares to repair your failed drive, bringing a brand new drive to install and commission or installing a temporary hire drive to get you process by up and running as quickly as possible.

All for less that the price of a cup of coffee or day. 

Only £947 per year for our unique ‘One Call’ Contract partnership to cover every single drive installed across your whole site.

It will be the best money you spend every year out of your maintenance budget no matter how big or small you company is.

Our 200+ existing contract customers think so, this is what they say;

“Very good emergency service. The equipment and installation request was made on Thursday afternoon and the equipment installed Friday morning. I was offered the option of a Thursday emergency installation – I could not have been offered any more.”

– Roy Gawne, Principle Engineer

“I would just like to give a huge thank you for a job well done. Your team worked like troopers and the job was carried out to our complete satisfaction and in less than 7 hours which is incredible. We have been back up and running for over an hour now and making money again.”

 Jamie O’Connor, Electrical Maintenance Engineer

I know this sounds too good to be true but don’t wait for your next costly drive failure, take action today, email today for your free gift box which includes a detailed ‘One Call’ contract proposal for you to review.

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