ACS880 Multi Drive

Genuine ABB ACS880 Multi Drive System 3 Phase 690-volt supply, rated at 1050 Amps,50Hz, IP22. Manufactured at ABB Finland 05 / 2016.

Drive supplied fully working, can be seen at FAT Test in our works and comes with full parts and labour warranty.

Consisting of; Incomer Section 160kW x 3, 200kW x 1, 110kW x 1, 37kW x 1, 15kW x 2, ABB  Advant Safety PLC Section.

The drive has run a full paper line at a manufacturer based in the UK from 2017 – 2019 with only two years running due to a change in the manufacturing process leading to this ABB Drive System becoming redundant.

The drive is exactly as ABB current offering, in both hardware and software, should you wish to buy a system from ABB in 2021 this is the product you would be supplied, current value to buy this Multi Drive new direct from ABB would be circa £850k.

• All-compatible drive
• Various types of supply units including diode supply units and regenerative supply units
• Available as air and liquid-cooled versions
• Single supply and DC bus arrangement with several inverters reduce line power and system size. Utilize premium control of virtually any type of AC motor with direct torque control (DTC)
• Induction and permanent magnet motors and synchronous machines.
• Solutions to many different applications (such as paper machines, winders, rolling mills, processing lines, cranes, drilling, and marine) are possible
• Flexible connectivity and an extensive range of options

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Key Features

  • Full working order
  • Less than 2 years running time
  • Fully serviced by expert Drive Service Engineers
  • Supplied with a full parts and labour warranty
  • Full witness test at our Drive Service Facility near Newcastle prior to any purchase
  • Installation & Commissioning service available
  • Spares availability to year 2041+
  • Safe Torque Off Software
  • Abvant ABB Safety PPL Section
  • Functional Safety Modules
  • ARC Flash fibre optic network
  • 24/7 Immediate to Site Engineer Support and Annual Maintenance Cover Available
  • Ethernet IP ready
  • Fully EMC Compliant

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