Some applications need only the essentials from their drives: simplicity and efficiency in a small package, delivered as effortlessly as possible. The ACS480 general purpose drive is exactly that: it brings all the essentials effortlessly together for you to run your conveyors, compressors, fans, pumps, and many other basic applications.

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Product Description

Product Description

Drive Variants

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Power(kW) Current (A) Dimensions (mm) IP Rating Part Number User Manual Data Sheet Order Online
0.75 2.6 223x73x207 20 ACS480-04-02A7-4 View View Order online
1.1 3.3 223x73x207 20 ACS480-04-02A7-4 View View Order online
1.5 4 223x73x207 20 ACS480-04-04A1-4 View View Order online
11 25 220x172x207 20 ACS480-04-026A-4 View View Order online
15 32 240x260x212 20 ACS480-04-033A-4 View View Order online
18.5 38 240x260x212 20 ACS480-04-039A-4 View View Order online
2.2 5.6 223x73x207 20 ACS480-04-05A7-4 View View Order online
22 45 240x260x212 20 ACS480-04-046A-4 View View Order online
22 50 240x260x212 20 ACS480-04-050A-4 View View Order online
3 7.2 223x73x207 20 ACS480-04-07A3-4 View View Order online
4 9.4 223x73x207 20 ACS480-04-09A5-4 View View Order online
5.5 12.6 223x97x207 20 ACS480-04-09A5-4 View View Order online
7.5 17 220x172x207 20 ACS480-04-018A-4 View View Order online

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