Schneider Electric announce Quantum Controls as Certified Service and Systems Integrator Partner

Schneider Electric, the leader in digital transformation of energy management and automation, has announced Quantum Controls as a certified service and system Integrator partner, as well as an authorised Altivar Process Modular (APM) panel builder in the UK. 

The partnership combines Schneider Electric’s market leading Altivar range of Variable Speed Drives (VSD) with Quantum Control’s renowned onsite service offering and control panel building business.

Connected drives are well established, but this announcement marks a step forward in services-oriented drives with embedded sensing capabilities. This new level of integrated intelligence improves asset performance, in terms of operational automation performance, energy performance and maintenance, reducing the total cost of ownership.

“Our experience in VSD applications allow us to utilise the APM offer to its full potential and create complex solutions with minimal build time. The partnership with Schneider Electric will improve our speed to market so we can provide the best power drives, quickly. Becoming a certified service and system integrator partner with Schneider means we offer our customers the best possible solutions”, said Kevin Brown, Managing Director at Quantum Controls.

“Partnering with Quantum Controls adds another level of service to our solutions. They are able to provide support, maintenance, repairs, updates, 24/7 onsite support and first fix guarantee to our customers. End users will now be able to buy the best products and get the best service, as standard. Together, Quantum and Schneider can fill the gap in the market and be the go-to for motors and drives”, said Martin Walder, VP of Industrial Automation at Schneider Electric. 

For more information please contact us at [email protected].

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