Quantum Controls Launches Their New Generation of Multi-Functional and Modular Multi Power Variable Speed Drive Hire Panels

In this new generation of Hire Panels, we have utilised the latest Variable Speed Drive (VSD) technology from Schneider Electrical as the only authorised Altivar Process Modular (APM) panel builder in the UK.

These new Hire Panels are completely weather proof for outdoor use and suitable for indoor too, up to 500KW/880A rating at 400V. The new unique design allows for additional modules, each at 160KW rating. So your power requirements can be matched using the same panel design by simply adding the number of modules to obtain your required design power output.

This panel is unique at this power rating as it is small enough (with the rain hood removed) to fit through a standard doorway! Enabling access to areas which would have previously been unreachable!

This is the first design of its kind in the UK VSD rental market but also first for having an outdoor rated unit, up to 500KW and without the need for an additional enclosure or container to house it in. They come with our previous easy to install, cable and set up options and with a genuine 24/7/365 engineer support throughout the whole of the UK.

The robust and heavy duty rated units make it suitable for all applications, from pump and fan to crusher and extruder type loads. With the unique Schneider Electrical VSD software option and our own remote control options, this makes it the most innovative VSD Hire Panel available in the market to suit all your VSD rental needs.

“We are proud and excited to launch this unique generation of Hire Panels into the UK market. Our customers have been asking for these requirements and have been a huge asset to the sites they have already been installed on.” Says Peter Stelling, Technical Director.

These Hire Panels are available now, get in touch at [email protected] for your no obligation quote and receive a FREE 60 Minute Drive Guide.

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