What is Overall Equipment Effectiveness and how to calculate it?

The Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) measures the manufacturing productivity by indicating the degree to which a manufacturing plant is truly productive. It can be used to monitor the efficiency of the manufacturing processes and help to identify areas for improvement.

This metric allows the identification of losses, benchmarking progress and improving the productivity of the equipment (minimisation of waste, improvement in maintenance, etc.).

1. Factors of Overall Equipment Effectiveness: Availability, Performance and Quality.

  • Availability includes anything that could cause the production process to stop, such as Unplanned and Planned Stops;
  • Performance takes into account anything that could cause any variations in the process causing delays or inability to run in maximum speed, such as Slow Cycles and Small Stops;
  • Quality takes into account any products or parts that don`t reach the quality standards, those that have any defects or require rework.

2. Calculating Overall Equipment Effectiveness:

  • 100% Availability means that the process is running within the planned production time without any unplanned or planned stops.
  • 100% Performance means that the process is running at its maximum speed, without any interruptions, such as slow cycles or small stops.
  • 100% Quality means there are no defected, scrap parts or elements that require rework.

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