What can a Siemens Drive tell me?

Many customers require information on the installed variable speed drive (VSD) to support their operations once installed and commissioned. Typically to do this would require finding the serial number and then requesting some external support as many of these drives are supplied in packaged solutions (MCC for example) from 3rd party suppliers. Sometimes operation & maintenance (O&M) manuals are lost or misplaced, and this is troublesome when there is an issue, and you need to have some information at hand there and then. Siemens as a leading global Variable Speed Drive manufacture has addressed this issue with the launch of the Intelligent Operator Panel 2 (IOP-2).

Intelligent Operator Panel 2 (IOP-2)
The Support function on the IOP-2 allows the user to access support assistance and information in several ways depending upon the individual requirements.

Industry Online Support (A brief example of accessing some information below)

Once scanned with the Siemens app, the user is presented with the product information for their device. The product information includes, Serial numbers, Version numbers, FAQs, Manuals, Certificates, Product Notes, Downloads and Application examples, plus the ability to initiate a Technical Support request

Take a look at the Siemens mobile app today!



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