How can I tell the age of a Danfoss VLT Drive from their serial number?

Quantum Controls supply thousands of Danfoss Drives into the UK market every year and are an Official Service Partner for Danfoss Drives.

A range of information can be found in the serial number of a Danfoss VLT Drive including; the software number, the place of manufacture and, the year and week of manufacture.

See below for clarification of what the serial number of Danfoss VLT Drives supplied by Quantum tells you about the age of the drive.

If you take the S/N and convert it to the following letters XXXXSSGWWY

XXXX is the number drives of that part number produced
SS is the software number
G is the place of manufacture
WW is the week in the year
Y is Year ie 0 = 2020 or an 8 is 2018

For example, for the below drive to get the year of manufacture;

0006 refers to the number drive of that part number produced
22 refers to the software number
H refers to the place of manufacture
38 refers to the week in the year of manufacture
0 refers to the year of manufacture

So, the year of manufacture would be 38th week of 2020.

As an Official Service Partner for Danfoss Drives, we offer sales, service and support for the full range of Danfoss Drives. Simply call us on 0330 9000 247!

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