Can I save energy by installing Medium Voltage (MV) Drives?

MV applications can deliver huge energy, just the same as low voltage.

These are often overlooked due to the initial costs and the additional requirements of working with medium and high voltage applications. This needn’t be the case.  There is typically a higher initial cost for the MV drives. However, the energy saving is proportionally the same as with LV drives, based on the same principles. So, over the life cycle of the VSD, you will save more money with the MV applications, and the return-on-investment times are identical.

With MV drives, there are more options when it comes to technology types and with LV drives all manufacturers follow the same principal design.

With MV, there are several options and not all are equally as efficient, some have higher ongoing maintenance costs and repair times.  Therefore you must consider all of these when considering the application return on investment (ROI).

Quantum engineers are fully trained to specify, supply, install, service and support an extensive range of MV drives. We can take care of the project from feasibility through to ongoing maintenance and support, you don’t need to have your own in-house experts to access these benefits.

There are also MV VSD designs available that can work with standard motors and cables.  This means much lower installation costs.  We will provide the total life costs for the VSDs as part of the proposal. There is no need to overlook the massive saving potential of an MV VSD upgrade if you are working with the right experts who can support you throughout.

As with the LV options, we can also prove the savings of these applications before the capital investment.

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