Quantum Controls Rental Services keeps UK water shortage under control.

We have recently helped Water Companies around the UK with re-commissioning in-active boreholes. The UK Water companies installed and commissioned many boreholes during the last period of sustained drought like conditions, some dating back to the mid 1970’s. 

However as most of the borehole stations have been mothballed for many years, their control and starter systems have become inoperative and in many cases vandalised. Along with the need to replace the pumps which have all seized due to standing inactive for so many years. 

Due to the recent water shortages across the UK, the water companies are assessing the opening of these old stations to extract additional water into the system. This is to support and maintain pressures within the clean water networks.  

A team of Quantum Control engineers are working with the WC’s and their partners to install temporary systems. This is to ensure the newly installed pumps can run and that the water quality is sufficient to be introduced into the Water Treatment process. Quantum Controls are supplying a range of suitable hire drives to run the new pumps. 

As well as commissioning the temporary control/starter systems, our engineers, supported by our internal sales and our panel building team, are assessing the current installed system and making proposals to bring the stations up to current requirements and specifications outlined by the Water Companies. 

As this is only a temporary issue, the Water Companies assessed whether it was beneficial to buy new drives or hire suitable replacements from Quantum Controls. We offered drives that could be delivered on site within their allocated time frame and with our fully qualified engineers lending a hand to get the drives installed and commissioned. They were looking for an efficient and practical solution which Quantum Controls could fulfil.  

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