Hire Panels help save South Yorkshire from Floods

Severe rainfall during 2007 led to the flooding of large parts of South Yorkshire. 

Quantum Controls Hire Department were contacted by the local Water Company to visit site and assess the damage at a main sewage treatment works to see how Quantum Controls could help. 

Quantum Controls Ltd visited the site at 4PM on the same Friday we were contacted to look at a flooded MCC which provided aeration for sewage water treatment. The MCC had been flooded in up to 3 feet of water leaving 8 of the 16, 30KW starters unusable but the rest of the panel was mostly undamaged. 


Quantum Controls worked through the weekend and by the end of the following Monday, Quantum had supplied, installed and commissioned 8 temporary soft start hire panels and cabling to allowing full treatment to the sewage water. 

Once the first task of getting all 8 motors up and running was complete, Quantum were able to further asses the MCC damage and offer a refurbishment of the panel to the customer. 

Quantum Controls then received the order to refurbish all 8 starter sections with new soft start starters. 

All 8 new starter sections were completed over a 3 day period and as the temporary hire panels were still operating, this meant that only one motor had to be off line at a time whilst the new starters were installed. 


In all, from the time of the first visit to site to the completion of the new panels was only 3 weeks, Quantum Controls’ ability to hire drive panels had allowed the sewage treatment works to be up and running to full capacity within a 3 day period, a response that the customer greatly needed at the time of serious flood damage in South Yorkshire. 

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