What is battery Load bank testing?

We understand that not all of our customers are able to expose their load any risk so this test is very similar to the real load discharge test, except it uses an artificial load instead of your own load.

The benefits of load bank testing your batteries are:

•Having total confidence in critical power supply integrity.

•Battery discharge testing for accurate, effective and low cost proof of battery integrity and autonomy.

•Engineer controlled tests tailored to your requirements, ensures no unnecessary testing or risk to your load.

•Out of hours testing can be arranged to help minimise disruption to client operations.

•Mobile AC and DC load banks of any size available, allowing testing of any installation anywhere within the UK.

•Fully documented procedures ensuring full traceability of all test events and actions.

•The UPS calibrations can be checked and if required altered, including the battery re-charge currents and the battery voltage settings

•If there is a fault with the batteries it is best to find out in a controlled environment with a Borri engineer onsite rather than in an emergency situation where the integrity and security of the load may be compromised

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