Who is responsible for maintenance and repair of leased equipment?

All equipment supplied and installed under the Lease & Save Scheme by Quantum Controls is fully covered by immediate response, 24/7 service engineers. In the unlikely event of equipment failure, Quantum’s’ team of field service engineers will respond  and get to your site with the correct spares or replacement equipment within 24 hours. No charge will be made to the client for this service.

Annual maintenance will also be carried out on all equipment at a convenient time to suit your production demands, with no charge made to the client for this service.

Our certified Service Engineers will install, set-up and commission the equipment in accordance with the application’s requirements. Whether it’s a new application or a retrofit, our engineers have the training and expertise to see the project through from supply to completion, as well as to instruct the user on how to operate the system.

All start-up information and the production parameters are saved, documented, stored securely and backed up, should the engineer need to restore any information at a later date.

Complete Operation and Maintenance Manuals are produced and supplied with all contracts ensuring you have all the required information at hand

To find out how we can help you with our Lease and Save Scheme, Email us or call 0330 9000 247

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