How can energy efficient motors help me cut Carbon, CO2 and costs?

Captain Q has devised a simple methodical energy appraisal process that presents energy savings potential of selected application to end users.  Saving the day again!  There are 7 steps to Quantum’s energy appraisal:

1.    Outline the appraisal scope during a site audit

2.    Monitor and collect data on specific applications

3.    Data analysis

4.    Install hire variable speed drives and motors

5.    Monitor and collect data

6.    Data analysis

7.    Present factual savings to end user

Quantum Control is the only company in the UK to offer Variable Speed Drives and Motors for hire up to 2Mw.  This means we actually prove the savings before our clients make any investment at all.

If you have any technical questions or queries please contact us on 0300 9000 247 or alternatively via email:

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