Snow doesn’t beat Quantum, the right vehicle for the job saves the day!

Earlier this week Quantum Controls took a call from a cable manufacturer who had a DC motor failure within his production line, and the extreme weather conditions meant getting through the snow to site was difficult – but our 4 x 4 vehicles meant our engineers were still mobile.

The motor had already failed three time in the past and each time it had been rewound by a local motor repair company, only for it to fail again resulting in tens of thousands of pounds in lost production costs.

The customer required an instant solution to the issue, needing production to resume again as a matter of urgency. After speaking to our technical department, it was decided that a temporary replacement AC system would be the quickest option.

Within hours of taking the call, Quantum had dispatched the 500kW variable speed drive, 500kW 6 pole motor and temporary cables from our HQ in Newcastle to the South Coast. Our local Southern based engineers then travelled through the snow to meet the rental drives and motor at the customer’s site.

As the main power feed panel was situated across the other side of the production line, the temporary cables had to be housed within the existing cable ducts. This was done by our team of engineers, who then went on to fully install the drive and motor, commissioning the full system to our client’s satisfaction.

Production had successfully resumed within 18 hours of Quantum receiving the initial call, and the customer was delighted by such a prompt response given the adverse weather conditions.

The time critical nature of the project was paramount for the customer and the resumption of full production was critical. The customer estimated that the company was losing over £10,000 an hour in production costs and that the savings made by Quantum’s speedy resolution to the issue was unsurmountable.

As well as the lost production costs, the installation of the temporary AC system enabled Quantum to carry out further analysis on the savings that could be made should a full DC to AC conversion be made.

The reports from the analysis provided a business case for the conversion and the customer has now placed an order for a new fixed installation.

At the time of the call, this company was not one of our service contact partners, but they had a problem, called Quantum and took out an emergency 28 day contact there and then, and we responded immediately.

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