The 10 Essential Secrets to Variable Speed Drive Optimisation


  • Understand Your Installed Base

An initial on site assessment should be carried out by a qualified Drive Service Engineer, they should log the drive location, part numbers, specification and maintenance status and criticality to the process or application for the future maintenance planning


  • Preventative Maintenance Schedule

As the level of criticality of your applications are assessed, clear priorities for maintenance actions can be set. The maintenance planning should be done according to the drives manufactures recommendations


  • Prevent Breakdowns

As maintenance actions are performed according the schedule your drives will be constantly serviced and checked thus extending the life of the asset and preventing unwanted and costly failures


  • 24/7 Emergency Engineer Response

Ensure your drive supplier can also offer after sales services which include ‘immediate engineer response’ 24 hours a day 7 days a week along with direct telephone access to experienced and qualified local engineers


  • Spares Access

Ensure that your drive supplier carries the correct spares in stock to cover your installed base of drives. Ask them to show you their stock inventory of genuine manufacturer’s parts and ensure you have access to these 24/7


  • Temporary Drive Rental

Ensure you have access to VSD hire drives, these can be supplied in IP66 easy to manoeuvre enclosures enabling temporary installation anywhere on your plant or outside. Power rating up to 1.5 MW are available within hours so in the event of a breakdown lost production can be kept to a minimum


  • Maximise Drive Life Span

Efficient Life Cycle Assessment defines clearly when to upgrade, retrofit or replace existing drives while proposing the right maintenance plan to ensure the longest life of your drive asset is realised


  • Drive Upgrades

Upgrading old drives that no longer have spares available from the manufacturer can be done utilising new more efficient drive ranges and you can usually use the same control panels or motor control centres minimising capital costs


  • Consider a Service and Maintenance Contracts to Suit Your Needs

Contracts from recognised industry experts can deliver the exact level of service your organisation requires, all contracts should have provision for all the ‘secrets’ listed here for you today


  • Set and Monitor KPI’s

Implementation of these keys steps will deliver drive optimisation for you and your organisation, but having defined set goals which you and your team are trying to achieve such as ‘Improved Overall Equipment Efficiency’ and ‘reduction of lost production due to downtime caused by drive failure’ will ensure you monitor performance as part of your continuous improvement policies.