Quantum Controls – the fourth Emergency Service?

Obviously, we say this with tongue in cheek! As important as our services are to UK manufacturing, when our engineers are called upon it is not a matter of life or death. The ladies and gents of the police, fire and health services deserve all the recognition they get (and much better salaries in our opinion, but that’s a whole other topic of its own!)

Quantum have a team of engineers on call every hour of the day, every day of the year. We are variable speed drive and motor experts, here to provide technical telephone support to the UK manufacturing industry, which can be escalated to an immediate site response in the case of an emergency breakdown.

Quantum’s engineers are fully qualified to service, maintain and repair all major brands of variable speed drives. We are the UK’s largest stockist of variable speed drive spares, and we also offer unique drive rental services with over 1500 units in our fleet, up to 1.5 Mega Watt, all available immediately.

Quantum’s Unique Drive Rental Fleet

We get emergency calls from a wide range of people who find our services online and pick up the phone. Last weekend we had a lady call us in a desperate state – it transpired that her dishwasher was not working properly and she had friends visiting Saturday night. Our engineer suggested some things she could try, but this was beyond his area of expertise.

The same weekend we had a call asking if we could fix someone’s hard drive, and another asking if we could come out and quote to lay a new block paved drive for them…

On top of all that, we had four ‘engineer to site’ requests from clients with an emergency need for our engineers to attend as their process was down due to variable speed drive failure.

The first was a contract client in Scotland with a failed Schneider drive. Our engineer was on site just two hours after the initial call and the fault was found to be with the connected motor. We had a new 45kW ABB motor shipped from our logistics centre in Birmingham and on site six hours later, fitted by the clients own engineering team and back up and running same day.

The second was a new client who had a failure on a 1.2mW ABB drive and within 40 minutes of that call, one of our rental drives housed in a weather proof enclosure was on its way. Our Scottish based engineers met the drive and worked with the clients engineering team to position and connect cables, fully commissioning the drive and getting the customer back up and running within 14 hours. The damaged drive was then removed and taken to our drive repair centre for assessment.

The third was another contract client who had a 110kW Danfoss drive failure. Our engineers were on site within one hour, removed the drive and fitted a hire unit getting the client back up and running in under three hours. The Danfoss drive was tested and the IGBT was found to be damaged – we took a new IGBT from stock and fitted next day. The drive was then fully load tested and back with the client within 48 hours.

The fourth came on Sunday evening – another new client that had an ABB drive failure. They found our details online, called our engineer support line and took out an emergency 28-day contract. Our Quantum engineer was immediately on his way to site with one of our ABB spares suitcases containing all the major components for the drive type and size in question. On arrival the drive was found to have blown the IGBT power plates so new ones were fitted, drive recommissioned, and clients process back up and running eight hours after initial call.

VSD Spares Suitcases

So we may not be able to help with ALL the emergency requests we get every weekend, but if it’s a variable speed drive problem you have, we are the people to call!

Save this number in your phone and the next time you need assistance with your drive, call Quantum Controls, we guarantee to respond 24/7, 365 days a year.

All our spares stock and our drive and motor rental fleet goes up to 1.5 Mega Watt, so whatever the problem, we have a rental solution to get you back up and running with minimum time and fuss.

Your Variable Speed Drive and Motor Emergency Rental Number

0330 9000 247