Introducing Innovative New Features in Drives – Schneider Electric

Most modern drives have features incorporated as standard that can provide huge benefits to the user. In this new monthly feature from Quantum Controls, the UK’s leading independent supplier of Drives Services, we introduce to you the very best features from all major manufacturers.

Schneider VSD’s now measure energy consumption, efficiency and performance and can reduce electrical consumption by at least 30% by controlling attached ancillary systems at their best efficiency point.

92% of senior manufacturing engineers believe that ‘Smart Factory’ digital technologies – including Artificial Intelligence – will enable them to increase their productivity levels and empower staff to work smarter (Annual manufacturing report 2018). A positive outlook for the future, perhaps, but uncertainty still exists. A recent survey by Boston Consulting Group found that a significant gap lies between an organisation’s ‘ambition and execution’, with only one in five companies incorporating AI into one or more of their processes.

Schneider Electric have taken particular focus on energy consumption and the increased pressure on performance with their latest variable speed drives. Helping Industrial stakeholders achieve lower total cost of ownership, greater
efficiency, and improve energy management.

Their new IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) features a smart device with built in intelligence to gather data, the device has the capability of passing along that gathered data to other connected products. This can provide business optimisation through enhanced energy management, asset management and process optimisation.

Services oriented drives are the next iteration of VSDs, designed to reduce TCO, improve efficiency and energy management. They measure energy consumption, efficiency and performance, they are capable of advanced asset diagnostics, giving complete asset performance management of the drive, motor and mechanical transmissions and can reduce electrical consumption by at least 30% by controlling attached ancillary systems at their best efficiency point.

Drive connectivity is not new to the market, but what is new in services oriented drives is embedded sensing capabilities, primarily based on electrical measurement to provide an electrical signature that can be translated into operation performance dashboards.

Integrated intelligence improves asset performance, both in terms of operational automation performance, energy performance and maintenance costs reduction, hence improving TCO.

In addition, services oriented drives have advanced web capabilities such as Ethernet connectivity and Web Server to integrate seamlessly with IT functions and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems. Essentially, services oriented drives provide an embedded web page that can be customized by the customer and accessed through a choice of web browser running on smart phone, tablet or PC.

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