True 24/7 Technical Support

Normal Working Hours do not align to 24-hour manufacturing operations, 66% of the time your process is running most offices are closed. Most ‘Drives’ companies claim to offer 24-hour tech support, but with only one or two engineers who have a mobile with them for you to call. The fact is that it is impossible to deliver from a logistics point of view with fewer than 4 engineers on call at any one time.

In fact, it is illegal to deliver from a company point of view due through the work time directive with one person. This leaves customers with a real problem when support that has been promised is unable to be delivered.

Our dedicated Technical Support line is available 8am – 5pm every day, manned by one of our fully qualified engineers. Out of hours, we have 4 Drive Engineers on call 24/7 to support our customers. Call us on 0330 9000 247 any time day or night to get you directly through to our engineers.

Quantum provide true 24/7 call our support. Or simply go on-line to to utilise our 24/7 chat function, this is manned by technical engineers who can answer your technical support queries day or night.

Quantum are the only Drives Company in the UK to provide true 24/7 Drive Tech Support to our contract partners.

Online Engineer Support

Quantum Controls also offer a further support service to our clients. On line Tech Support. 37% of all out technical support request now come through our websites.

All you need to do is visit and a pop up box will instantly appear, at the other end of that box is one of Quantum’s fully trained Drives Engineers to give you the customer the instant support today busy Engineers require.