WEG Motors

High performance with maximum energy efficiency, this is what defines the WEG electric motor. High efficiency coupled with low cost of ownership throughout the motor’s lifetime have been the basis for the W22 development. A design created to anticipate concepts in performance and energy savings.

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Product Description

  • Pt-100 2-wire in stator winding, 1 per phase.
  • PTC – thermistors (3 in series), 150°C, in stator winding. SPM compatible nipples for vibration measurement. Dual voltage heating element.
  • Painting system C3M acc. to ISO 12944-5:2007. Internal & External earthing bolt.
  • Stainless steel rating plate.
  • Metal fan cover.
  • 4×90° turnable terminal box.
  • Bearings regreasable via grease nipples
  • 2Z bearings greased for life at both ends.
  • Locked D-end.
  • Lubrication information plate
  • Vibration acc. to Grade A (IEC 60034-14).
  • Individual serial number.
  • Jacking bolts for foot mounted motors.
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