Compact and versatile: Our MOVITRAC® B frequency inverters have a sleek and modular design. And they are extremely versatile thanks to their wide power range.


Your 60 Minute Guide to variable speed drives!

Product Description

Product Description

Drive Variations

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Power(kW) Current (A) Dimensions (mm) IP Rating Part Number User Manual Data Sheet Order Online
0.25KW 1.0A 54.5MM X 285MM X 163.5MM 21 MC07B0003-5A3-4-00 View View Order online
1.1KW 3.1A 80MM X 285MM X 163.5MM 21 MC07B0011-5A3-4-00 View View Order online
3.0KW 7.0A 80MM X 373.5MM X 163.5MM 21 MC07B0030-5A3-4-00 View View Order online
7.5KW 16A 105MM X 325MM X 238MM 21 MC07B0075-5A3-4-00 View View Order online
15KW 32A 200MM X 445MM X 251MM 21 MC07B0150-503-4-00 View View Order online
22KW 46A 200MM X 445MM X 251MM 21 MC07B0220-503-4-00 View View Order online
30KW 60A 200MM X 445MM X 251MM 21 MC07B0300-503-4-00 View View Order online
37KW 73A 280MM X 499MM X 250MM 21 MC07B0370-503-4-00 View View Order online
55KW 105A 280MM X 590MM X 330MM 21 MC07B0550-503-4-00 View View Order online
75KW 130A 280MM X 590MM X 330MM 21 MC07B0750-503-4-00 View View Order online

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about SEW

About SEW Eurodrive

As one of the leading manufacturers of drive technology, SEW also provide the right inverter technology for our mechanical components. SEW develop and produce drive and frequency inverters for controlling drive trains in machines and systems. And they do this for central installations in the control cabinet or for wall mounting just as they do for decentralised installation.

Quantum Controls Drive Engineers have attended bespoke SEW Drive service training courses, all our 30+ UK Drive Engineers are fully equipped with the SEW PC connection tools which are required to fault find, service, repair and program SEW Drives. We cover all ranges of SEW Drives, so if you don’t see what you need on this website, still give us a call, or talk to us using the live chat or email [email protected] for a quote.

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