The Secret to Reducing Costs and Downtime…..

Here at Quantum, we provide regular training sessions to help our customers keep on top of their own maintenance, this week we interviewed Sam Mole, our lead trainer about his role and the many benefits training has for organisations.

Sam started working at Quantum in 2011 as a Trainee Service Engineer and in 2017 began assisting with training, a year later he took responsibility for training.  ‘ I love training others, it’s great interacting with engineers and helping them understand equipment better and making them feel more confident in their jobs.  I’ve learned so much here, and now I’m able to pass that on to others’.


Why is training important?

‘Training is hugely important, it can dramatically reduce downtime, our courses offer a great base of knowledge for engineers.  It can help them quickly identify if a fault is within a VSD or if it’s external.  This saves money and time if the organisation then needs to phone someone out to repair the fault’.

‘The water industry is a great example of where training has saved a huge amount of money and time.  The organisations we work with in the industry can now identify the basics, this sometimes allows them to fix their own faults without our help, but in the event this isn’t possible they can give us a detailed explanation of what their fault is, which saves us time when we arrive’.


What’s different about training with Quantum?

‘I think the main plus about training with Quantum is our courses are designed by engineers, delivered by engineers for engineers.  Many other courses available are delivered by sales people, with the hope of getting sales on completion of the course.  We give our trainees direct access to our senior engineers.  We’ve all worked within multiple engineering sectors and have had training and years of experience with all of the leading manufacturers, meaning we are able to pass on this knowledge’.


What are the most popular courses?

‘Our Module 1 course is definitely the most popular, it’s great as it gives a basic overview and people a good base of knowledge, all our courses are tailored to the individual or group so we can adjust to meet their needs.  Our Module 2 course is also really popular and is more hands-on, the trainees can look in and work inside the drives’.


What are your top training tips?

‘Train your team regularly, to keep their knowledge fresh and up to date.  When you are in training, ask as many questions as you can, I know it’s a cliché but there are no silly questions.  Finally, the more advanced training you do the more money you can save, it will advance the organisation through extra knowledge and save huge costs and time in the long run.’

Our training sessions can run either at our headquarters in Northumberland or we can come to your site.  If you’re interested in saving your organisation time and money through training click here to download your free training guide.

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