Will Quantum handle any warranty issues I may have?

The Problem

All Drive Manufacturers offer a global product warranty and a standard warranty for 37kW and below drives is a non repair policy.

If your drive fails, the Manufacturer will request a PO from you before doing anything. They will then request the damaged drive to be shipped back to their Repair Facility for inspection.

Only then, when they have received the drive, will they ship out a replacement. This whole process could take weeks! Possibly costing your site thousands in lost production.

Bear in mind they will not install or commission this replacement drive for you, you will have to do this yourselves.

If the damaged drive does not have a valid claim under warranty, then you will be invoiced for the new drive.

The Solution

Quantum Drive Warranty + removes all those costly and inconvenient steps by guaranteeing to attend site with a new drive, no questions asked, to replace a failed drive that is still in the warranty period.

One call to us day or night and we will either ship a new drive immediately for you, or if requested, come to site to remove the damaged unit and commission a new replacement drive.

We will then sort your damaged drive with the Manufacturer for you.

We minimise the downtime, remove the costs and own the problem to get our customers back up and running as quickly as possible.