What does BS EN 61439-2:2009 Electrical Control Panel standard mean?

Compliance with the new standard is compulsory. All assemblies must be shown to meet minimum safety and performance standards by design and routine verification. Many of the alternatives to type testing rely on interpolation from a tested reference design.Once the European equivalent standard, EN 61439-2 (BS EN 61439-2) has been listed in the Official Journal of the European Union, full compliance with this standard will become the easiest route to ‘presumption of compliance’ with the EMC and Low-voltage Directives, both of which are essential before the CE mark can be applied to the majority of low-voltage assemblies. Merely ‘partially’ proven design or only routine testing of some assemblies is forbidden.

Quantum Controls are one of less than 1% of Control Panel Manufacturers in the UK to invest the time and money in fully complying the new BS EN 61439-2:2009 Electrical Control Panel standard standard. You can rest assured any panel designed and supplied by Quantum fully complies with the new standard.

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