Can I Save Energy with Variable Speed Drive?

With energy costs soaring many of our customers are asking, ‘Can I save energy with Variable Speed Drives?’

The Short answer is Yes.

We’ve saved millions of pounds for our clients over recent years by installing Variable Speed Drives on applications just for the energy-saving benefits. The general rule on Variable torque leads (Centrifugal Pumps and Fans) is a 20% reduction in motor speed delivers a 48% saving of energy.

Based on the cube law principle of the affinity laws, this states that the change in power is equal to the change in speed cubed. However, this rule has been used and abused by unscrupulous VSD salespeople in the UK market. This is a rule not a fact, and doesn’t consider other aspects such as the changes in pump/fan efficiency, the system requirements for static and frictional losses.

Every single Application is different, and many things can affect the actual savings achieved.

Do not take advice from Drives Salespeople who have a vested interest in selling products to you! Take advice only from qualified Drive Engineers who have the knowledge and capacity to look at each application on its own merits and give you, the customer, the facts before you make any purchase.

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