Are ABB ACS550 & ACH550 Drives are now Obsolete?

The ACS550 and ACH550 ABB Drives are no longer being manufactured and are now in the obsolete stage of their life cycle, with the respective 580 Drives being their direct replacement.

Due to that transition, ABB Helsinki factory production lines for the ACH550 and ACS550 have now closed, they have been converted and modernised to be used to produce ACx580.

ABB’s ACS/ACH580 will physically fit into the same space as a 550 however please note that it has a different software platform and keypad. Unfortunately, parameter settings cannot be transferred to the 580 via 550 keypad downloads.

Replacement ACS580’s will need re-programming and commissioning.

There is a massive install base of these drives in the UK, and Quantum Controls team are here to help you deal with the obsolescence of these drives.

Quantum still have a stock of ACS550 drives but this stock is limited and cannot be replenished once it has gone.

Please note his does not necessarily mean your ACS550 drives need replacing.

Quantum still stock, and will continue to do so, all major spare components for the ACS/ACH 550 drives in our spare’s suitcases. These suitcases are stocked throughout the UK at our regional Drive Service Centres and covered the complete 550 power range. Meaning we can repair your 550 if you have a breakdown. Our expert drive engineers can also assist with new installation, application programming and commissioning with our Drive Care Services.

ABB have released a replacement guide that takes you through the process of upgrading from the 550 range to the current 580 ranges, if you would like to receive a copy of this document please email us at [email protected] and we will send you a copy for Free.

Or simply call our Drives Team on 01661 835566 to save yourself the hassle of finding a suitable replacement drive, we can tell you straight away which 580 is best for your application. We have largest stock of ACS / ACH580 Drive in the UK

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