Quantum Controls supply, install and commission new 75kw variable speed drives


  • Energy Saving per Pump: £11,967 per year
  • Power Saved: 199,445kWh
  • Reduction in CO2 emissions: 113 tonnes
  • Previous Running Cost: £25,906
  • Investment: £11,494
  • Payback Time: 351 days


Noise Reduction: 10.6 decibels


Quantum Controls Ltd were asked to carry out a site survey for a customer in to assess any potential energy saving applications on site following a rise in site energy cost of 37%.

It was identified that 70% of all energy used on site was through electric motors so a comprehensive on site audit was carried out to ascertain which applications would offer the best potential for energy saving.

One of the applications identified was the Tanyard water cooling pumps. These were existing 75kW Brook Crompton motors running centrifugal pumps with a valve throttle control to achieve desired flow rate. Motors were started with star delta starters.


Quantum Controls installed an energy logger for 7 days and took decibel readings of noise of existing pump motor. After seven days energy usage was recorded, Quantum temporally installed a 75kW hire VSD to control the speed of the pump motor and opened the existing control valve fully.

The energy monitor was fitted once again for 7 days and another decibel reading was taken. After another seven days the data was downloaded from the energy monitor. We could see that with the drive set at desired speed to maintain the required flow an energy saving of 63% was achieved.


Once GSK had the evidence of the savings an order was placed with Quantum to supply, install and commission new 75kW ABB Variable Speed Drives. Reduced Energy Bills

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