If Only Amazon Could Deliver Motors…

We want to offer you, our customers the same service you’re so used to in your personal lives, making your job easier, stress-free with no lost downtime or irate colleagues and customers

Ease, simplicity and reliable. That’s the B2C life now.  But why not in a B2B setting too?  All engineers live with the constant threat of motor failure stopping manufacturing processes leading to lost production which on average costs UK companies £12,000 an hour.  We want to offer you, our customers the same service you’re so used to in your personal lives, making your job easier, stress-free with no lost downtime resulting in irate colleagues and customers.  We are delighted to offer the UK Industry the first ‘true’ one call, instant, availability of motors any time day or night.

Downtime Solution motors don’t just fail during normal working hours

Have you ever been in a situation where your motor has failed?
Panic sets in and you want that instant solution.  The solution has always been to get the damaged motor removed and sent to a local motor repair facility, but a motor rewind can take days and it is now accepted that a repaired motor will be unavoidably 2 – 5% less efficient on return.  This is largely due to the heat caused by a motor burnout, distorting the minute tolerances of the motor metal casing and internal components.  To put in real terms what that means a 3% reduction in efficiency on a 160Kw motor running S1 continuous duty over a year will cost approximately £20k more in electricity costs than replacing the damaged motor with a new IE4 high-efficiency motor, which is now the industry minimum efficiency standard allowed by law (based on 0.18 p/kwh).
Today’s electrical engineers are generally aware that a policy of installing new high-efficiency motors to replace failed motors is best for ongoing running costs, but there has been a problem for
a long time accessing motors from stock in the UK.  Many companies have motor stockholding of course, but motors don’t just fail during normal working hours.

In fact, most processes now run 24 hours and since normal office hours are only 8 hours then statistics show that your motors are 66% more likely to fail when UK motors stockists are closed.

Some suppliers do offer a 24/7 mobile number which a member of staff may answer in the early hours of the night, but they then have to wake up, get online to check stock, produce a quotation, insists on an order number, drives to their companies premises, open up, contact a local courier (the local courier will then have a member of staff who has to go through the same process, wake up, take the call, get order number and so on and on.  This method has so many steps that can fail and or cause delays that the poor engineer is left on the end of a phone for hours waiting in vain to get a motor.  All the time losing tens of thousands of pounds and getting increasing pressure from production management to get the process back up and running.  If you’re an engineer reading this, you will recognise only too well the scenario…

One Phone Call Is All You Need

You may be aware Quantum Controls have been the leading supplier of motors in the UK for years.  We recognise the universal problem faced by engineers and as a result, have invested in a solution that will deliver the following;

a) UK largest stock of Motors
b)2 and 4 poles, foot mounted, flange mounted all kW rating up to 250kW
c) All motors stock is to WIMES specification
d)All motors stock is suitable for use with all forms of motor starters including Variable Speed Drives
e) 24/7 direct telephone access to expert motor engineers to discuss applications and help with motor selection if needed
f) One call telephone number direct to Quantum Controls to request motor required

Quantum’s unique solution ensures that with one phone call you as an engineer can have a market leading, high-efficiency motor on transport quickly, with a delivery time to your site given any time day or night, 365 days a year!  This new service is revolutionizing the UK motor market and our service has sparked some fantastic feedback from customers;

“I was recommended to use another company to source a motor first off, but they didn’t even pick up the phone at 10pm.  After which I googled ABB motors and you came up, I worked with Quantum and they very nice and professional. Quantum Controls gave me a quote and said we would have the motor within 2 hours, because of this I placed the order. I am more than happy to use yourselves in the future.” – Jon, Plant Maintenance Manager

“I would just like to say the new service you have provided to us proved to be invaluable last night. One call and we had a 75kW motor on its way us.  We were back up and running before the 6am shift came in.  Great Service!” – Stewart, Shift Engineer, SIE

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