Motor Breakdown?
Need to get back up and running now?

It pays to hire motors, here’s why, hear it from the UK’s Drive and Motor experts

Put plainly, renting allows your business to better control its cash flow, maintain manageable monthly repayments and reap the benefits of government tax breaks. Whether you are an SME, partnership, start-up company, public sector organisation or a blue-chip corporation, a short term hire or long term lease from Quantum Controls can make the acquisition of costly equipment far less of a burden on your cash-hungry business. If you are thinking about upgrading your Variable Speed Drives or motors, adding to or replacing any of your motor driven applications, check below for 6 big reasons why leasing is your best option.


Why leasing is better for your business

  1. In case of unexpected motor failure, the goal is to get the plant back up and running as quickly as possible to avoid losing £ thousands in lost production (UK average is £12K per hour). Renting a motor means delivery in hours anywhere in UK, reduced lost production, and also give you the time to decide what the long term solution should be, repair, replace etc.
  2. Smaller flexible payments are easier to control and less of a strain on your finances. Because they are broken down over a longer period it gives you the chance to pay back as you earn.
  3. Leasing is Tax deductible.
  4. VAT is charged on the smaller payments and not the large fee at the start of your payment giving you more chance to earn before you pay.
  5. Our 'Lease' plans give you the freedom to know the service and maintenance up keep of the equipment is our responsibility and at our cost.
  6. Energy savings gained with the installation of high efficiency motors and or Variable Speed Drives far outweigh the low rental cost actually delivery money back to your business on most occasions.

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Got you thinking?

So you've probably heard about our new service offering Lease plans on the latest high efficiency ABB motor and drives? This means you can equip your plant with the latest drives and motor technology without worrying about the outlay.

20 years of experience, plus:

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